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SM39PCRD Digital cable pressure transmitter

Pipeline pressure test, has been widely used in major oil and gas and other industrial pressure testing field; Explosion-proof, fully sealed waterproof design; Signal synchronization output 4 ~ 20 ma, RS485, the scene is optional; Installation direction adjustable: joint through the articulated or access field pipeline valve, adjustable direction.
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  • Pipeline pressure test, has been widely used in major oil and gas and other industrial pressure testing field;
  • Explosion-proof, fully sealed waterproof design;
  • Signal synchronization output 4 ~ 20 ma, RS485, the scene is optional;
  • Installation direction adjustable: joint through the articulated or access field pipeline valve, adjustable direction.

2.Technical indicators

  • Working conditions: temperature, and 40 ℃ or less Tamb + 65 ℃ or less; The atmospheric pressure: 80 kpa to 110 kpa. Humidity: 5% RH to 95% RH
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Measuring principle: the pressure resistance type
  • The output signal: 4 ~ 20 ma & RS485 optional; Four and a half LCD display.
  • Case material: aluminum, protection grade: IP67
  • Contact medium material: 316 l
  • Electrical connections: NPT1/2 (F), M20 * 1.5"
  • Process connections: NPT1/2 "(M), R1/2" (M), M20 * 1.5 (M), connector: 1/2 "NPT (F) (M) - R1/2"
  • Range: 0 ~ 0.16, 0.4, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 40, 60 mpa (customizable), such as precision grade: 0.5.
  • Overall dimensions: 165 * 106 * 130; Weight: 1 kg
  • Explosion-proof certification: explosion-proof number: CE18.1519 explosion-proof marks: EXd IIC T6 Gb



Dimensions  In mm. 1mm=0.03937 inches

3. The installation and connection definition
3.1. All transmitter through digital calibration, have completely different transmitter consistency and interchangeability;

3.2. The installation of pressure transmitter, need to unscrew header back cover, the cable from the electrical interface to access, according to the connection correctly defined. Wiring is completed, please send back cover screw to ensure waterproof.

3.3. Piping pressure transmitter, corresponding to the valve closed first, and then there are two installation method: (1). The transmitter directly screwing in the valve port; (2) or adapter will live screwing in the valve port, port or transfer transmitter screwing in live head again, the way to increase the articulated or adapter adjustable direction. Installed, open the needle valve type valve is installed confirm no leakage, qualified;

3.4. 8 core wires green definition. (1) - 24 v power supply + 1, 5 feet, 0 v - 2, 6 foot, 3, 7 feet - 485 _a, 4, 8 feet - 485 _b.

Site 485 communication, need access to 1234 feet, 1-2 power supply, communication A - 3-4 B.

Scene 4-20 mA communication, you just need to access 1 to 2 feet.

(2) the main signal wire 4-20 ma, RS485 interface, the need to pay attention to while using RS485 and 4-20 ma digital communication grid number cannot exceed 10. Don't add termination resistors RS485 interface, otherwise it will cause 4-20 ma current jump, 4-20 ma current signal. If only use RS485 signals, there is no limit to the number of parallel, up to and after 255.


1. The current commercially available passive RS485 converter drive ability is limited, so in parallel quantity is large, the use of the active isolation type RS485 interface.

2. Because of the grid, the board inside the RS485 bus is not set bus matching resistance, no pull up and down the resistance, if the customer USES RS485 interface also do not have to pull up and down the resistance, static level could lead to a bus uncertain, RS485 bus has a wrong data. So customers or system integrator should be on the outside of the bus matching resistance and the resistance to set the bus pulled up and down the static state.


3.6 meter communication basic information site Settings

Also has a built-in instrument protocol. Support MODBUS_RTU agreement, adopt green free software installation technology, using the dynamic link library will automatically extract the needed, so please in the computer antivirus software set the software to white list. To prevent the security software to prevent normal operation of the software.

Software support serial port in the range of 1 to 15, if you are using a USB serial port, please amend the port number to 1 to 15.

Other tested, is currently in use more USB/RS485 converter, inside there are many different kinds of USB conversion chip, now find FDT232 chip converter using devices need to set of drive, otherwise it will lead to the software can't read data transmitter. Settings page is as follows:

FDT232软件的驱动高级设置,在设备管理器中打开,可以看到有一个BM选项,此设置应该改为1,一般软件默认的是15,所以必须要修改次设置才可以正常使用串口。  其他芯片的USB转换器目前没有发现此类问题。

1. Search for port:

Software can automatically search for the machine available port, please select the correct port number, the selection and match the baud rate in the transmitter, click on the search button to search online transmitter, software there are search results suggest the bottom. List the computer all of the available port Numbers, if there is a dynamic plug USB virtual port, you can click on "find a serial port" to update the information.

2. "search transmitter:

Transmitter is to search online, search address range 1-255. The search to tip in the status bar. Search to an early end to search again, please click on the can. Pay attention to select baud rate frequency band. Search only in view of the current set baud rate range.

3. "read all" :

After the search stops software will automatically to first read all the parameters in the transmitter. And continuous reading the state of alarm, real-time measurement and instrumentation, ADC values. Click on the all read all button can also update the current data.

4. "write all" :

All the data modification is finished click on "write" can be saved to the transmitter.

Note that the software blue text box to support customer modify the content above, the red box for the default data transmitter.

Additional information:

Software according to the agreement of customer, has said, according to a separate address said way data frame at the back of the data type show the type of the data,

DEC said decimal data. HEX, hexadecimal data characters represent text characters, is assic yards. Detailed protocols and data need to refer the customer to provide the text of the agreement.  

3.7. Panel key configuration

This circuit has three buttons and LCD display window:








     S键单击简称为:S        Z键单击为:S        M键单按为:M  


     S长按为:SL                 Z键长按为ZL        







  1. 有源迁移和主变量清零













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